Weekend Reads 11/29

bookHere are a few links we found interesting or worthwhile this week, and we pass them on to you for reading over the weekend.

God Is Merciful Not To Tell Us Everything – “God is merciful not to tell us everything. He tells us enough to sustain us if we trust him, but often that does not feel like enough. We really think we would like to know more.”

Friendship sexualized, trivialized, and For Profit – “I recently read a note in which someone referred to his ‘five thousand Facebook friends.’  It was strange to see such a phrase and yet to feel that one was really looking an expression which was at best meaningless, at worst an ironic statement of personal emptiness.”

Thanksgiving: A Lifestyle, Not A Holiday – “When we give thanks, when we look at the world and our place in it realistically, remembering what we are due in ourselves, what we have, and all that we have been promised in Christ, we are astonished, overwhelmed. And therefore overjoyed.”